• How To Make Oversize Stencils on your Craft or Laser Cutter

    How To Make Oversize Stencils on your Craft or Laser Cutter

    You downloaded the nifty SVG stencils for Halloween or your favorite band. And you can cut them at up to 12″ x 24″ on your Cricut if you have the extra-long mat (and extra-long stencil material). That’s pretty good. But what if you want to stencil something that people will look at outside, at greater […]

  • Let’s Stencil…Santa Claus

    Let’s Stencil…Santa Claus

    A perennial holiday favorite, Saint Nicholas makes a great stencil because he is reproducible with just black, white and red paint. If you want to splurge on some reindeer, you’ll need some brown, and if you want to put colored presents in his sack you’ll maybe need a splash of blue or green. Straight up […]

  • Versatile Butterfly Stencil

    Versatile Butterfly Stencil

    Sure butterflies are pretty, but it also turns out that ‘butterfly’ is the most often Googled stencil on the Internet right now, so this post should SEO well. Let’s dive in, and check out the video for all the steps! Choosing your butterfly image The Interwebs are a great source of images of butterflies. We’ll […]

  • Turn Bricks into Trophies with an Award Stencil

    Turn Bricks into Trophies with an Award Stencil

    Although you can customize and individualize stencils, one thing they’re great at is making a bunch of the same thing. Each year, Alma Alter Theater turns some bricks into enticing awards for their Alteri theater awards ceremony (which was kind of inspired by the Oscar Awards ceremony). This year, we took a break from the […]


  • Spray Paint Stencils for Interior Walls

    Spray Paint Stencils for Interior Walls

    Don’t be afraid to use spray paint inside! That’s the take-away here, honestly. These stencils have really cool effect on interior walls. If you watch the video, you’ll get a kick out of how much fun it can be to experiment with spray paint. Although it’s in virtual reality, I urge you to take the […]

  • Let’s Stencil…a Tractor

    Let’s Stencil…a Tractor

    I love heavy equipment. Farm equipment. Construction equipment. Tractors and backhoes. I love the bright primary colors. The iconic shapes. The SEO for ‘tractor stencil’ is just terrible. But I love tractors. So here we go. I started with a three-layer stencil. You know, 5-layer stencils can be awesome and incorporate a bunch of color […]


  • Let’s Stencil…Yoda

    Let’s Stencil…Yoda

    Yoda is cool. You can stencil Master Yoda in all different sizes, but we’ve chosen a five-color separation and a free stencil from Bay Stencil. Check the video of the whole process. First try, color separation and stencils On the first try, the image definitely looked yoda-like. Learning and Second Pass The darkest layer had […]


  • Use MidJourney to generate stencil-ready art

    Use MidJourney to generate stencil-ready art

    You’ve seen AI-generated art, whether you know it or not. Marketers have been using it to generate ‘composite’ faces for years. You, know, that guy who looks like Tom Cruise with a little bit of Matt Damon mixed in? The combination seemed just a little too real. Anyhow, those same tools are available to everybody […]

  • Let’s Stencil…Tupac

    Let’s Stencil…Tupac

    Let’s stencil…Tupac! In this series we take a stencil and try it out. The first time through, we just kinda paint it the way it comes out of the box. Then we get some ideas, and we modify the stencil sometimes. Or we leave out a layer. Or we paint it on a different colored […]