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  • Let’s Stencil…a Tractor

    Let’s Stencil…a Tractor

    I love heavy equipment. Farm equipment. Construction equipment. Tractors and backhoes. I love the bright primary colors. The iconic shapes. The SEO for ‘tractor stencil’ is just terrible. But I love tractors. So here we go. I started with a three-layer stencil. You know, 5-layer stencils can be awesome and incorporate a bunch of color […]

  • Let’s Stencil…Yoda

    Let’s Stencil…Yoda

    Yoda is cool. You can stencil Master Yoda in all different sizes, but we’ve chosen a five-color separation and a free stencil from Bay Stencil. Check the video of the whole process. First try, color separation and stencils On the first try, the image definitely looked yoda-like. Learning and Second Pass The darkest layer had […]