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  • thumbs up for messi stencil card

    Lionel Messi Stencil Card

    Here’s an interesting DIY project idea: a greeting card that’s also a reusable stencil! Stencils are cool because you can use them almost anywhere. They’re also cool because they’re flat, durable, and can be sent easily anywhere in the world by post. So why not make a card that’s also a stencil? Here’s a look […]

  • wreath christmas cards with stencils used to make them

    Holiday cards made with stencils are fast, fun, and infinitely personalizable

    This season (okay, every season) we make holiday cards using a smaller sized stencil. This time we made them to fit into an 6″ x 9″ envelope. We like to print on the front and write on the back, so that it’s easy for our loved ones to just plop the card onto the fridge […]

  • santa stencil with lively green-gold background swoosh

    Let’s Stencil…Santa Claus

    A perennial holiday favorite, Saint Nicholas makes a great stencil because he is reproducible with just black, white and red paint. If you want to splurge on some reindeer, you’ll need some brown, and if you want to put colored presents in his sack you’ll maybe need a splash of blue or green. Straight up […]

  • stencil image of painted butterfly

    Versatile Butterfly Stencil

    Sure butterflies are pretty, but it also turns out that ‘butterfly’ is the most often Googled stencil on the Internet right now, so this post should SEO well. Let’s dive in, and check out the video for all the steps! Choosing your butterfly image The Interwebs are a great source of images of butterflies. We’ll […]

  • tractor dark stencil layer

    Let’s Stencil…a Tractor

    I love heavy equipment. Farm equipment. Construction equipment. Tractors and backhoes. I love the bright primary colors. The iconic shapes. The SEO for ‘tractor stencil’ is just terrible. But I love tractors. So here we go. I started with a three-layer stencil. You know, 5-layer stencils can be awesome and incorporate a bunch of color […]

  • master yoda stencils and final prints

    Let’s Stencil…Yoda

    Yoda is cool. You can stencil Master Yoda in all different sizes, but we’ve chosen a five-color separation and a free stencil from Bay Stencil. Check the video of the whole process. First try, color separation and stencils On the first try, the image definitely looked yoda-like. Learning and Second Pass The darkest layer had […]