Category: Stencil Art

  • Distracted Boyfriend meme stencil

    Render an Internet Meme with a Stencil

    Memes, with a little text or context, get your point across very quickly. Did you know that they work as well as stencils as they do on the Internet? If you want to stencil with a meme, you’ve got something going for you: it’s a meme, so people recognize it. Apart from the context, you […]

  • Frida Kahlo AI generated stencil image

    Use MidJourney to generate stencil-ready art

    You’ve seen AI-generated art, whether you know it or not. Marketers have been using it to generate ‘composite’ faces for years. You, know, that guy who looks like Tom Cruise with a little bit of Matt Damon mixed in? The combination seemed just a little too real. Anyhow, those same tools are available to everybody […]

  • stencil of tomatoes in greyscale

    Stencils Don’t Have Color…Only Paint Has Color

    True or false: stencils have color. False! The paint has the color, not the stencil. I painted three stencils each of which was color separated in a different way on I painted a tomato, a captain america and a telephone to show you how the color separation affects how you finally use the stencil […]

  • marilyn monroe stencil art

    Using Stencils In Your Original Art

    A stencil from an ordinary image can be pure joy to paint. Reproducing the image on a surface is very satisfying. But is that all you can do with a stencil? Not at all. Artists of all kinds use stencils as a starting point and go far beyond the expression of the original stencil. The […]

  • stencil of boy in tie, painted on tile wall

    Interpretative Portraits with Stencils

    Professional photographers capture the most important and interesting features of a subject. They use framing and lighting and perspective and lens selection to do all that. Some of those creative aspects of a good photograph also come out in a stencil. In particular, when shadows fall just right, those shadows are gold in the stencil […]