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  • Interpretative Portraits with Stencils

    Interpretative Portraits with Stencils

    Professional photographers capture the most important and interesting features of a subject. They use framing and lighting and perspective and lens selection to do all that. Some of those creative aspects of a good photograph also come out in a stencil. In particular, when shadows fall just right, those shadows are gold in the stencil […]

  • How To Work With the Surface Color

    How To Work With the Surface Color

    You may remember that we often want to leave out one of the layers of a stencil in order to let the surface show through and to keep our stencil work from looking like a giant post card. In this post we ask the question, ‘How do you work with the surface you have?’ We’ll […]

  • Stencil Tessellations Cover a Surface

    Stencil Tessellations Cover a Surface

    A tessellation is just an arrangement of shapes that cover an entire surface in a repeating pattern without any gaps. The most common example of a tessellation is just repeating squares. You’ve also seen hexagons used to tile a surface, too, I’ll bet. But you don’t have to stop with simple polygons like squares and […]

  • Making a Wall of Faces

    Making a Wall of Faces

    Make a wall of faces for your organization. It’s not as hard as it looks! Start with a blank wall. It’s probably easiest if the surface is white or nearly white. For each person, You will only paint the mid-tone and dark layers for each face. For each face, isolate the person’s face and features […]