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  • Vinyl Sign versus Custom Stencil

    Vinyl Sign versus Custom Stencil

    Custom stencils allow you to make an unlimited number of signs that meet or exceed the specs of a custom vinyl sign, for less money. A custom stencil costs no more than a one-time vinyl sign Vinyl signs are expensive! With vinyl sign construction, you have to do the same things you have to do […]

  • Custom stencils for packaging

    Custom stencils for packaging

    Your small business (or even your large business) can benefit from a quick, professional and efficient way of branding all of your packaging materials. As a small business owner, you appreciate the fast service of companies like Uline. You can take advantage of their array of shipping materials to support a variety of shipping methods. […]

  • How to Stencil a QR Code

    How to Stencil a QR Code

    There are all kinds of reasons you might want to stencil a QR code on a surface: Connecting your customers to free Wi-Fi access Transmit your vCard info Scavenger hunts Guiding people in an unfamiliar environment Registration for an event Any place where you want to publicly link to more in-depth information Click here to […]

  • Making a Wall of Faces

    Making a Wall of Faces

    Make a wall of faces for your organization. It’s not as hard as it looks! Start with a blank wall. It’s probably easiest if the surface is white or nearly white. For each person, You will only paint the mid-tone and dark layers for each face. For each face, isolate the person’s face and features […]