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  • 2022 alteri recipients

    Turn Bricks into Trophies with an Award Stencil

    Although you can customize and individualize stencils, one thing they’re great at is making a bunch of the same thing. Each year, Alma Alter Theater turns some bricks into enticing awards for their Alteri theater awards ceremony (which was kind of inspired by the Oscar Awards ceremony). This year, we took a break from the […]

  • popup shop stencil on sandwich board

    Vinyl Sign versus Custom Stencil

    Custom stencils allow you to make an unlimited number of signs that meet or exceed the specs of a custom vinyl sign, for less money. A custom stencil costs no more than a one-time vinyl sign Vinyl signs are expensive! With vinyl sign construction, you have to do the same things you have to do […]

  • brown cardboard box with logo stenciled on it

    Custom stencils for packaging

    Your small business (or even your large business) can benefit from a quick, professional and efficient way of branding all of your packaging materials. As a small business owner, you appreciate the fast service of companies like Uline. You can take advantage of their array of shipping materials to support a variety of shipping methods. […]

  • How to Stencil a QR Code

    QR codes are an excellent way to add a modern touch to any project. QR codes are capable of holding a variety of information such as web links, plain text, and even business cards. Why would I want to paint a QR code? Some of the reasons you might want to stencil a QR code […]

  • Making a Wall of Faces

    Make a wall of faces for your organization. It’s not as hard as it looks! Start with a blank wall. It’s probably easiest if the surface is white or nearly white. For each person, You will only paint the mid-tone and dark layers for each face. For each face, isolate the person’s face and features […]