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  • Use MidJourney to generate stencil-ready art

    Use MidJourney to generate stencil-ready art

    You’ve seen AI-generated art, whether you know it or not. Marketers have been using it to generate ‘composite’ faces for years. You, know, that guy who looks like Tom Cruise with a little bit of Matt Damon mixed in? The combination seemed just a little too real. Anyhow, those same tools are available to everybody […]

  • Let’s Stencil…Tupac

    Let’s Stencil…Tupac

    Let’s stencil…Tupac! In this series we take a stencil and try it out. The first time through, we just kinda paint it the way it comes out of the box. Then we get some ideas, and we modify the stencil sometimes. Or we leave out a layer. Or we paint it on a different colored […]