Featured Artist: Kevin Minium–Classic Ford Coupe Stencil on Canvas

Sometimes you have a great idea for a composition and just can’t wait to get started. Whether he’s working in mixed media to create football concept art (we gather he’s a Seahawks fan) or just tricking out the man cave, artist and maker Kevin Minium never waits to do anything.

And in this case, what he wanted was a sense of timeless speed. Enter the Classic Ford Coupe. (1934?)

Artist Kevin Minium realized his vision with an auto stencil
Artist Kevin Minium realized his vision with a stencil of a 1934 Ford Coupe

We can only guess at Kevin’s creative process, but at some point for sure he used a photo of this classic car to get a stencil to use as the basis for this atmospheric and haunting piece.

Notice how the image includes a blocked background of the ground beneath the car? In the final painting, Kevin has used this brightly lit ground–but has blended it carefully with the foreground to show the automobile planted firmly on the ground, as if lit from above. This is a lovely integration of concept and technical stencil work to achieve a great painterly effect. The drip work to give the sense of rain, mud, flying debris–it all spells SPEED.

Kevin Minium close-up Ford Coupe stencil painting

Beyond simple paint on canvas, if you’re like Kevin you can use the same stencil in different inspired ways, like this piece in metal, hand painted and finished with wax.

roadster on metal with wax finish

Thanks to Kevin for sharing these images and inspiration with us! Check him out: Kevin Minium on Twitter.

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