Holiday cards made with stencils are fast, fun, and infinitely personalizable

This season (okay, every season) we make holiday cards using a smaller sized stencil. This time we made them to fit into an 6″ x 9″ envelope. We like to print on the front and write on the back, so that it’s easy for our loved ones to just plop the card onto the fridge and keep it around for a decade or two. No foldables for us–just fridgeables!

wreath christmas cards with stencils used to make them

We chose the wreath stencil because it’s not too commercial and also not too Jesus-y at the same time (you can do Jesus-y Christmas, we just do world peace-y and quiet introspective-y Christmas). We often choose snow scenes, fireplaces, sleigh rides, Douglas firs, bells–stuff like that.

Preparing the stencil was quick using Bay Stencil, and then cutting on a craft cutter. Note that we removed almost all of the interior bridges and detail from the darkest layer, so that we wouldn’t have to deal with the white areas left behind the bridges.

The order of painting was dark green, red, light green. The reason we didn’t paint the darkest layer last is because the darkest layer is overlayed by the lighter green layer. We painted the red after the dark green to give the dark green a chance to dry thoroughly before we sprayed the light green on top of it.

We used spray paint, but you could easily daub this stencil, too.

Download the wreath stencil for free.