Let’s Stencil…Yoda

Yoda is cool. You can stencil Master Yoda in all different sizes, but we’ve chosen a five-color separation and a free stencil from Bay Stencil.

Check the video of the whole process.

First try, color separation and stencils

On the first try, the image definitely looked yoda-like.

Learning and Second Pass

The darkest layer had a lot of bridges that were super-obvious in the final painted stencil. Judicious use of removing the bridges (and a few areas of detail) makes the stencil much more usable.

cutting excess bridges away from yoda dark layer

Since we’re painting on white, and since we’re not using the stencil for the lightest layer anyhow (white on white? who needs it?) we are going to use it to show a cool effect where you mask off the center and paint in a color from the sides. But to do this we need to cut out the center island out of the stencil.

[Note: only do this after you’ve had a chance to paint and play around with the stencil a few times. You would hate to cut up a layer of your stencil, only to find out that it had important parts in it that you need to paint with the other layers.]

Hold the center masking piece to cover the center. You can’t really tape this piece up, so you just hold it in place with your hand and walk your fingers around it while you paint.

Get the Yoda stencil.

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master yoda stencils and final prints