Making a Wall of Faces

Make a wall of faces for your organization. It’s not as hard as it looks!

Start with a blank wall. It’s probably easiest if the surface is white or nearly white.

For each person, You will only paint the mid-tone and dark layers for each face.

For each face,

  • isolate the person’s face and features from the background
  • construct a three-tone stencil (light, mid-tone, dark)
  • paint the mid-tone and dark layers, being careful to register the layers and mask off the surrounding areas
tracing outline step of image preparation in making wall of faces

When you finish painting all the faces, you can add names or (for that special all-star touch) have each person sign the space next to their face.

For tips on getting each face stencil just right, check out this post and all of our posts on portrait stenciling.