Sure Cuts a Lot : Import SVGs from Bay Stencil for Perfect Multi-layer Stencils

With dozens of capable craft cutters on the market, we’re fortunate that one application can support so many of them. Whether you have a Brother ScanNCut or a discontinued KNK Zing or one of the oh-so-capable Silver Bullet line, you can use Sure Cuts a Lot to cut your perfect stencil.

If you start with bridged SVGs from Bay Stencil, you’ll be fine. But how do you get started?

Stencil maker generates bridged, multi-layer SVGs

Follow the simple steps in the video to create your bridged multi-layer stencil.

SVG import into Sure Cuts a Lot

Get your bridged stencil SVGs into Sure Cuts a Lot and avoid pitfalls by following the instructions in the video.

Steps to Import Your SVGs into SCAL:

1. import each layer, one at a time

2. as you import, group all shapes for that layer together

3. when you have all the layers imported, select all the grouped layers together

4. scale (stretch or shrink) the layers together to fit your canvas or cut area

5. once all layers are scaled together, then you can cut each layer separately

BE CAREFUL NOT TO scale or stretch the layers independently!

How does Bay Stencil generate bridged SVG files?

While you can upload an image to Sure Cuts a Lot, you can’t create a bridged stencil in Sure Cuts a Lot. Without bridges, the center of your bulls-eye falls out! (not to mention the center of all your Os and 6s and As and everything else with an island in the center of it. Bay Stencil’s magic is in creating and placing the bridges in just the right places!

What are you cutting with?