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  • Three stencils made from images generated by DALL-E

    Make stencils with DALL-E

    Let’s just jump in and say that the slickest-looking artwork is going to come from MidJourney, about which we’ve written pretty extensively: But MidJourney doesn’t do everything (yet!). So we’ll get right to the two things that DALL-E has on MidJourney that are super-useful: outpainting and inpainting. Outpainting in DALL-E Outpainting is when you want…

  • Frida Kahlo AI generated stencil image

    Use MidJourney to generate stencil-ready art

    You’ve seen AI-generated art, whether you know it or not. Marketers have been using it to generate ‘composite’ faces for years. You, know, that guy who looks like Tom Cruise with a little bit of Matt Damon mixed in? The combination seemed just a little too real. Anyhow, those same tools are available to everybody…