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  • Face stencil painted on car with spray chalk

    Stencil Your Car with Spray Chalk

    Spray paint a car? That sounds like it could get you into a lot of trouble. But use a stencil with spray chalk, and you’ll find you can create neat, bright markings that last for a couple of months and that gradually weather away. Spray chalk is used on non-porous surfaces for temporary marking. As…

  • flying pig stencil light and dark layers, reproduced on midtone surface

    Mid-tone sidewalk chalk stencils

    Art students learn the art of ‘dark-light-dark-light’ (chiaroscuro) by drawing with dark and light chalk on mid-tone (typically brown or gray) paper. The mid-tone is the default, and the shadows are dark and the highlights are white. This technique works as well on concrete or asphalt as it does on brown paper. If we create…