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  • wreath christmas cards with stencils used to make them

    Holiday cards made with stencils are fast, fun, and infinitely personalizable

    This season (okay, every season) we make holiday cards using a smaller sized stencil. This time we made them to fit into an 6″ x 9″ envelope. We like to print on the front and write on the back, so that it’s easy for our loved ones to just plop the card onto the fridge…

  • santa stencil with lively green-gold background swoosh

    Let’s Stencil…Santa Claus

    A perennial holiday favorite, Saint Nicholas makes a great stencil because he is reproducible with just black, white and red paint. If you want to splurge on some reindeer, you’ll need some brown, and if you want to put colored presents in his sack you’ll maybe need a splash of blue or green. Straight up…