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  • text stencil reverse text

    Make a Text Stencil Using Any Font

    Stenciling images is cool, but often you want to add some text to give context to the thing you’re stenciling. Alphabet letter stencils and stencil fonts It used to be, the way to handle this was to take out your big set of letter stencils, like the parking lot painters, and just do one letter…

  • beatles cmyk halftone print

    CMYK Halftone Stencil Tutorial

    To follow this tutorial, you’ll need What is a CMYK halftone? CMYK halftone is a printing technique used to reproduce continuous tone images using four colors: Cyan (blue-green), Magenta (hot pink), Yellow, and Black. Photographs or complex color graphics are broken down into halftone dots of varying sizes and densities, which are then printed using…