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  • sean combs choice a or b

    How Much Detail Should I Include in my Stencils?

    You’ve got the portrait about right, but you can’t really see that dimple in the shadow of his face. How much detail does a stencil need to include? In the end it comes down to taste. But there are some aesthetic and some practical considerations. I like the graphic look of a stencil. I like […]

  • stencil of boy in tie, painted on tile wall

    Interpretative Portraits with Stencils

    Professional photographers capture the most important and interesting features of a subject. They use framing and lighting and perspective and lens selection to do all that. Some of those creative aspects of a good photograph also come out in a stencil. In particular, when shadows fall just right, those shadows are gold in the stencil […]

  • three layers beats five layers in a portrait stencil

    Stenciling Three Layers is Better Than Five Layers

    I love three-tone (light, mid-tone, dark) stencil portraits. They capture light and shadow really well, if the original photograph is good. Most people seem to opt for more layers because the preview looks better. But it’s advisable to tune your upload until the three-layer stencil captures the detail you want, and go with that. This […]