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  • How To Make Oversize Stencils on your Craft or Laser Cutter

    You downloaded the nifty SVG stencils for Halloween or your favorite band. And you can cut them at up to 12″ x 24″ on your Cricut if you have the extra-long mat (and extra-long stencil material). Take this giraffe for example. It’s a good looking-stencil, but with the giraffe’s head smaller than my hand, it’s […]

  • school bus stenciled on tile wall with yellow background

    How To Work With the Surface Color

    You may remember that we often want to leave out one of the layers of a stencil in order to let the surface show through and to keep our stencil work from looking like a giant post card. In this post we ask the question, ‘How do you work with the surface you have?’ We’ll […]

  • three layers beats five layers in a portrait stencil

    Stenciling Three Layers is Better Than Five Layers

    I love three-tone (light, mid-tone, dark) stencil portraits. They capture light and shadow really well, if the original photograph is good. Most people seem to opt for more layers because the preview looks better. But it’s advisable to tune your upload until the three-layer stencil captures the detail you want, and go with that. This […]