Turn Bricks into Trophies with an Award Stencil

Although you can customize and individualize stencils, one thing they’re great at is making a bunch of the same thing. Each year, Alma Alter Theater turns some bricks into enticing awards for their Alteri theater awards ceremony (which was kind of inspired by the Oscar Awards ceremony). This year, we took a break from the standard black-on-gold stencil and opted instead for pink.

So that’s how the bricks were turned into trophies. But how well did the trophies go over at the award ceremony. You can be the judge.

Stencils were made with the following steps. First, this article about the Oscar fonts helped me identify the font name, Metro Nova. I then searched and found a reference site for the font Metro Nova. You ‘try out’ the font at sites like these by typing in the words you want to see in the font, and then adjusting the size so that they fill up the screen.

Then make a screenshot of just the text, and upload it to Bay Stencil.

screenshot of alters text
picking the bottom right variation of alters text at bay stencil

Pick the variant in the lower right, which is a two-color (black and white) stencil, and order the digital download of the SVG to cut the bridged stencil.

svg stencil outline of alters text to be cut

You can cut the SVG on your Cricut, laser cutter, Silhouette, just check the links below.

See cutting instructions for any of these methods: